Gentian - Gentiana lutea


Name: Gentian lutea L.
Harvest: In autumn and spring.
Properties: choleretic, aperitif, vermifuge, febrifuge, aromatic.
Family: Gentianacee.
Common names: Ensiana, gentian major, ansiara, radis gilada, argiansana.

Gentian - Gentiana lutea: Property

Habitat: Alps and Apennines up to 2500 meters. It also grows on the islands, in sunny and limestone soils.
Parts used: The roots.
Storage: Once dried in the sun it must be stored in dry and protected places as it fears humidity.
Use: Decoctions, dyes for its interior and exterior; syrup for internal use.
Notes: The harvest of the roots, which must be carried out only from the second year of life, must be carried out very sparingly, as the plant belongs to a protected species.