Garden geranium is easy to care for

Garden geraniums are very popular with gardeners. Garden geranium is a representative of the genus "Geranium", which has about 300 species, most of which grow in temperate zones and the Mediterranean. Many species are perennials.

For gardens, geraniums are used with large and bright flowers of the subalpine meadows of the Pyrenees, Balkans, Carpathians and the Caucasus. It is interesting that in different countries it is called differently. In America - Cranesbil (crane), in Germany - Storshschnabel (stork nose) and only in Russia as well as in Greek - geranium.

In Russia, the doors of gardens were not immediately opened for this wonderful flower, despite the ease of caring for it, a long flowering period and undemanding soil.

Garden geranium nIt is fed in early May, when the bulk of the leaves has not yet appeared. Complex fertilizers are used as top dressing. It is good to sprinkle the ground with wood ash. After that, water as needed and remove faded flowers. In one place, garden geranium grows up to 10 years. Everything is ingenious and simple.

For the winter, geraniums should be cut off, the exception is the red-brown and red-bloody species. Cut off shoots are mulched with compost.

All methods are suitable for breeding geranium... It is better to divide the bush in the spring. Some species are difficult to separate, so it is enough to separate only the shoot, remove most of the leaves from it and place it in a greenhouse. if there is no greenhouse, then a simple can will do. Within a month, the plant will take root and will be ready to be transplanted to a permanent place on the site. The method of cutting root cuttings is also suitable for reproduction, after which they are treated with preparations for root growth. Then it is determined in the greenhouse until the leaves appear.

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