Spider mite on cucumbers

Spider mites on cucumbers are the most common problem for summer residents all over the world. A spider mite attaches itself to the lower part of the leaf and sucks out nutritious juices from it, wrapping its cobwebs around the cucumber leaf. As a result, the healthy green leaf becomes discolored and dies.

To combat spider mites, cucumbers are sprayed with a special solution, which can be bought from any store that specializes in protecting plants from pests. If the land plot is far from civilization. you can spray the cucumber leaves generously with soapy water.

On large plantations of cucumbers, special methods of protection against spider mites are used. One of these methods is to populate a cucumber plantation with phytoseiulus, a natural enemy of the spider mite, which sucks eggs laid by the female mite. However, this procedure for settling phytoseifulus will have to be carried out every 2-3 weeks.

An effective fight against spider mites in massive quantities is also the colonization of the plantation with the Adjarian entomophthora fungus, which helps to completely destroy the parasites.

In order to prevent spider mite infestation, it is necessary to well dig up the area where the greenhouse is located, because female spider mites hibernate shallow underground and die when digging up the soil. If this is not done, then each female lays up to 100 eggs per week, which become adults in 20-30 days and affect the entire garden.

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