Irezine in landscape design

Today, landscape design has become an indispensable attribute in the work on the improvement of your own summer cottage or personal plot. Small flower beds, special grasses for the lawn, lakes and intricate stone caves can create a beautiful landscape that will contribute to a great mood and be a source of special pride for home owners.

As a rule, designing a landscape when creating a particular design is a very painstaking work, because knowledge in architecture, sculpture, construction, as well as gardening is required here. If you resort to the help of specialized companies, then this step can be very burdensome for the owner of the garden in terms of financial costs. What to do in this case?

In order to refine your personal plot and give it a well-groomed look, it is not at all necessary to involve outside specialists for this. Almost everyone is able to perform a number of necessary works as a result of which the territory near their own house will be embellished and sparkle in all its splendor.


  • How to improve your site
  • Irezine: the ideal type of plants for the backyard
  • Irezine care

How to improve your site

  1. First of all, it is necessary to remove all construction waste from the territory, as well as various foreign objects.
  2. Natural plantings and bushes, if necessary, can be left, but if you want to radically change the appearance of the site, then they need to be cut off. It is important to consider that trees should be removed along with the root system, since after some time the reproductive properties of trees can destroy the newly created landscape.
  3. After all natural and obstacles have been removed, it is necessary to outline the places of future buildings (such as gazebos, benches, etc.), as well as the paths to them.
  4. As a rule, the paths are laid out with gravel or crushed stone, since this material perfectly absorbs moisture and prevents the growth of weeds, but paving slabs can also be used. At this stage, outbuildings and light outbuildings for recreation are also being erected.
  5. After that, once again, all garbage is removed from the territory and now you can proceed directly to the improvement of the landscape itself.

DIY landscaping

Of course, the most convenient and simple way to plant greenery near buildings is to simply sow the entire area with lawn grass. However, there are also disadvantages here. Firstly, the site will look "naked" and uncomfortable, and secondly, it will lose its individuality.

The most acceptable and least costly way to avoid this is with ordinary flower beds or flower beds. As a rule, all varieties of special ornamental plants are designed specifically for growing them in outbuildings, and therefore calmly tolerate any temperature drops and other climatic factors. Flowers, or bushy low-growing plants are perfect for decorating paths, gazebos, and you can also make all kinds of thematic drawings out of them.

Irezine: the ideal type of plants for the backyard

The ideal option when choosing ornamental plants for decorating lawns near paths will be a special type of southern tropical plants - irezine. This plant, although it comes from Colombia, is perfect for planting in a Central European climate.

It should be borne in mind that today there are only about eighty varieties of this plant, both indoor options and intended for planting in open ground. The plant itself looks like lush bushes, consisting of reddish flowers. Moreover, their height reaches 30-40 cm, which gives the landing site a very aesthetic appearance.

Benefits of using irezine for landscaping

The main advantages of irezine when using a plant to decorate the design of your personal plot are:

  • unpretentiousness to soil. Irezine are able to feel comfortable both on sandstones and on peat-podzolic soils
  • perennial plants, for this reason, once planted flower garden does not require annual replanting
  • irezine, intended for planting in open ground, as a rule, propagate by cuttings, so you do not have to carry out additional work to restore the necessary flower bed pattern, as well as to destroy unnecessary shoots
  • colorful and bright appearance of plants will give a festive color to your site and will continue to delight you for a long period

Irezine care

It should be noted that irezines are very unpretentious in caring for their shoots, however, in order for lush and beautiful plants to really grow on your site, you must follow some indispensable rules:

  1. Try to plant irezine only in well-lit places where access to sunlight will remain constant during daylight hours. Irezine is a southern plant, so sunlight is a prerequisite for the formation of healthy and strong shoots. By the way, it is for this reason that plants are not recommended to be planted under the crowns of trees, or in the shady side of the house.
  2. Watering irezine must be done with soft water, preferably ambient temperature. For this purpose, a rain leader collected during a downpour is perfect. Watering is carried out in accordance with weather conditions - at an average daily temperature of 25-30 degrees, the plant is watered 3-4 times a week. If the temperature drops below 16 degrees, then watering is carried out less often. It is worth noting that in the conditions of the middle climatic zone, with regular rains, artificial irrigation may not be carried out at all.
  3. To give irezin a lush crown, the plants must be "plucked" - this is how the removal of small and frequent shoots is called in the language of professional flower growers. In this case, this procedure should be carried out no more than once a year.

Irezine will become a real decoration of your personal plot, since this variety of shrubs has all the necessary properties to create a unique design in the local area, and also the plant is unpretentious and has a very effective appearance.

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