A small device for planting garlic, onions, etc.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, planting of garlic before winter is usually carried out in early October before Pokrov. At this time, the air temperature ranges from +5 to +10 degrees, the earth temperature at a depth of 10 cm = 5 degrees.

For planting, I made a small device: I drilled holes with a diameter of 20 mm at a distance of 100 mm from each other in a board 1.2 m long and 15 cm wide. Through these holes, pits are made in the ground with a stick corresponding to the holes with a limiter from the bottom of the board by 8-10 cm. Works best if the ground is slightly damp. The pits in the ground are even and at the same distance from each other both in a row and between rows. I have been using it for many years without bending over the garden.

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