White tomato filling: the value of the variety and agricultural technology

Tomatoes with the name White filling can be purchased in specialized stores packaged in 25 pieces in a bag. The period from the emergence of the plant to its ripening of fruits in the open field is 90-100 days, in the protected field - 80-90 days.

Tomato white filling is a determinant plant, its height can reach 40-60 cm, the main difference between tomato and other plants of the same species is that it does not require pinching and garter, seedlings have medium dense foliage. The fruits of the tomato are white, round-flat, slightly ribbed, weighing up to 130 g. The ripe fruit has a red color.

Variety value

Tomato white filling refers to early ripening varieties, resistant to cracking. You can eat fresh and use for processing - canning.


The tomato prefers not heavy, highly fertile soils. Can be planted in places where it used to grow: cucumbers, legumes, cabbage, carrots, onions. For seedlings, tomato seeds are sown in late March or early April, the recommended depth is 2-3 cm. Before planting, the seeds are washed with water. The pick is carried out in the phase when 1-2 true leaves appear.

Tomato seedlings are fed with fertilizer 2-3 times during the growth period. Before planting in the ground, the seedlings begin to harden 7-10 days before. They are planted for about 60-70 days of growth, when the threat of frost on the soil has passed. For example, for a non-black earth zone, this is June 5-10, and when using film shelters, it is possible a little earlier than May 15-20.
The scheme of planting tomato white filling is: 50x30-40cm. 7 - 9 plants are planted per 1 mg. During growth, watered with warm water, spend 2-3 feeding the plant, formed into 2 stems to increase productivity.

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